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The Curly By Nature Method

The Curly By Nature method is one of the natural hair care methods that is much more than a methodology. It is more than researched, tried and tested techniques. It embodies techniques and practices that promote and enhance hair growth and a healthy scalp. The Curly By Nature Method was developed from the notion that Hair and Scalp health is the number 1 priority and style comes second. It is used and understood by professional haircare experts in addition to people who care for and understand their genetically curly hair.

The foundation and first fundamentals of  “The Curly By Nature Method”  starts with basic care. This includes applying the combination of these simple steps: Detangle, Cleanse, Condition and Coat. It can be customised for different curl types as seen here.


PREP: Detangle

Detangling the hair before you start cleansing your hair makes for a better pampering experience. By adopting this approach you find that the hair is much easier to manage whilst cleansing, easier to clean and often responds better to the cleanser or conditioner. It is possible to detangle the hair before cleansing with our Hair Repair Oil  (Highly Recommended) or with our Intensive Conditioning Mask which is also effective (with both use running water- it really helps).


STEP 1: Cleanse

Cleansing the scalp with our Moisture Shampoo prepares for a good environment for hair growth and healthy beautiful hair. It is important that, product, excess oil, dirt, sweat and other impurities that is built up is thoroughly cleansed from the hair and scalp.


STEP 2: Condition

Nourishing, feeding and replenishing the hair immediately after the cleansing stage is imperative. It is the most effective time to treat, moisturise and condition the hair. Using heat (with steamer or shower cap) often helps the goodness our the Curly By Nature products to successfully penetrate and absorb into the hair and scalp.


STEP 3: Coat

Protecting the hair is often the most important step of all. Layering oils, butters, creams and balms at this stage does help to lock in goodness, moisturise and protect the hair.

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