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Spark & Mettle: Founder Inspiration

Hello 🙂

I am very much into supporting, motivating and inspiring young people, so when I was asked to be interviewed by the hardworking team at Sparks & Mettle, I was more than happy to do so! In this interview, I speak about the most exciting aspect of my work in addition to….risk taking, training, achievements, overcoming challenges and true inspiration.

Here is a sneak preview: “Witnessing the difference that our products and techniques makes to people’s everyday life is the most exciting and rewarding thing about my work. I get so much pleasure out of seeing the people enjoying their true beauty and loving themselves to the fullest. In addition I love the flexibility I have of being my own boss so that I can work around my children.”- Klerissa McDonald.

Click here for the full interview: http://sparkandmettle.org.uk/a-conversation-with-klerissa-founder-of-curly-by-nature/

Sparks & Mettle: “We bill ourselves as an ‘aspirations agency’: we love acting as the middleman who brings people, ideas and organisations together to help each other realise their aspirations.”

I hope you enjoy!

Klerissa, Founder of Curly By Nature

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