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4 Big Haircare Mistakes & How to fix it

1. You focus on hairstyle and not hair health. Style to enhance its beauty!

Wearing styles to express yourself and boost your confidence is my definition of ultimate fun! However, it should not (in any case) cause, excess damage, loss, burning, breakage, stress, bumps, irritation or pulling to your hair or scalp. Using gels, puddings, lotions and potions to manipulate and style your hair is fab- as long as its not drying or damaging. We believe that understanding your hair is key. What is it’s porosity, thickness, density, condition etc…? How can you enhance its health and beauty? These are the questions that should be focused on. Your hair texture is your hair texture, we believe you should own it as its unique and wonderfully made. If you want to know how to better understand your hair please contact info@curlybynature.com


2. You fail to stick to a basic haircare routine

Routine, Routine, Routine!! Adopting a hair care routine can significantly improve the condition of your hair. It will also help with understanding your hair needs. This does not mean religiously sticking to an exact minute by minute, day by day, week by week schedule. Instead, your routine could be as simple as having a series of basic sequences that sets a healthy foundation to caring for your hair. e.g. oil rinse, shampoo, condition, leave-in, style. These sequences can be adjusted to your lifestyle, hair condition and time constraints.


3. You replace “shampooing” with “co-washing”

Shampooing is designed to thoroughly cleanse the hair. It is true that most of the shampoo’s on the market do contain SLS which is a common detergent found in washing up liquid, soaps, body washes, etc… and it is well known for its extremely efficient cleansing properties. And yes…. it is also known to leave the hair stripped of its natural oils. However, co-washing (washing the hair with conditioner) should only be considered as additional care to keep the hair moisturised and conditioned in between shampooing. Shampooing the hair is extremely important to maintaining healthy hair. Co-washing does have its benefits when done properly. For thorough but gentle cleansing, we recommend using the Curly By Nature Moisture Shampoo as it has been formulated with extra moisturising and conditioning properties. It contains honey extract which has superb moisturising properties to compliment the ability to thoroughly cleanse the hair without stripping the hair’s natural oils.


4. You ignore the fact that lifestyle, diet and genetics plays a huge role in the health of your hair.

Like they say, you are what you eat! You must maintain a healthy balanced diet to effectively take care of your hair, body, skin etc…. When you do not consume the correct foods at the recommended amounts according to your age/ body, then the hair could be one of the first parts of the body to be affected. Do your best to ensure you are getting the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of essential vitamins, minerals through foods and if necessary vitamin tablets. For example, Hair Loss in particularly has been linked with low levels of iron in the blood.


(If you need additional assistance for haircare routines then please contact info@curlybynature. We run a Care Clinic designed to assist you with healthy hair maintenance & where you can get complimentary face to face personal holistic hair care consultations http://www.curlybynature.com/careclinic. This publication and its associated products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. If you need medical or dietary advice then please consult with your doctor).

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  • Thanks for this. I found it really interesting.

  • ohh I enjoyed this.Post and tips. especially the fact that I was always focused on hairstyle. 4 Weeks ago I was visiting a friend, and my hair was so dry… BUT I WANTED A TWIST OUT. I finally accepted the fact that . the health of my hair( in that case Moisturizing, and sealing) was better than dry hair that breaks like crazy…
    I love your Blog too.

    Greating from Germany

    • Thank you for your comment! We are so glad that you enjoyed this article and found it useful! Love your story, lets keep in touch xx

  • Very informative post- especially the part on health. I feel that a lot of people on an ‘healthy hair /natural hair journey’ do not know how vital it is to maintain a healthy diet to help balance healthy hair and skin.

    • Thank you for your comment Collette.